In this gallery, some commissioned jewellery made over the years in my studio is shown.
These designs all have been realised in consultation with the client. 
My intention is to present an impression of the possibilities.

Do you have the wish for a special piece of jewellery?
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  • 'Spring time"
    'Spring time"

    My client's favourite season is spring and I can share that love with her.
    It always gives me the spring fever too.
    Lovely, going outside again! I am totally in love with this ring.
    The colours chosen, I think, are very…

  • Hummingbird.

    This was a very special assignment for me.
    I was commissioned to make this pendant by a gentleman who was terminally ill. He had it made for a friend of his. I did my very best to finish the pendant so he could still see it but…

  • Golden engagement and wedding rings.
    Golden engagement and wedding rings.

    These are the engagement and wedding rings together. She wanted a narrow wedding ring because she wanted to wear it next to her engagement ring. I made sure that the flowers of the two rings fit together perfectly. We hit the…

  • Tanzanite and diamond.
    Tanzanite and diamond.

    What a stunning stone! A very beautifully cut 1.75 ct. tanzanite of excellent quality. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous setting this stone. The ring was all mounted and finished. Then I put on some nice music. Picked a…

  • In memory of her mother.
    In memory of her mother.

    This pendant is made of rose gold with a diamond in the bird's eye. The chain runs nicely through the wings of the bird so there is no need for a loose pendant eye which would detract from the design. The stone is a beautiful…

  • Golden ring with yellow sapphire and diamond.
    Golden ring with yellow sapphire and diamond.

    For this ring, I went on a special search for a yellow, square sapphire on behalf of the client. I found this one at a large annual fair in Munich. The three diamonds are from her own old jewellery. These are set in the centre of…

  • Tracing my ancestor’s footsteps.
    Tracing my ancestor’s footsteps.

    How surprising it is when you can make something beautiful in consultation with a customer.

    This lady had had a pearl lying around for some time, which she had bought on a memorable journey. She wanted to have something beautiful…

  • Golden ring with green diamond.
    Golden ring with green diamond.

    Engagement ring with green diamond.
    A yellow gold ring with yellow flowers and white gold leaves. A beautiful sight!

  • Golden engagement ring with flower, pink sapphire, oak leaf and a butterfly.
    Golden engagement ring with flower, pink sapphire, oak leaf and a butterfly.

    As a goldsmith, you often get to make jewellery for special occasions. They mark important events in the life of your client. I find it very interesting to hear the special stories. Given a glimpse into someone's life, and to…

  • Silver and gold pendant with opal and ruby.
    Silver and gold pendant with opal and ruby.

    Occasionally a client gives me the total freedom to design a piece of jewellery.
    Which is great for me!
    This pendant is completely my own style.The client personally selected this opal from my collection of gemstones. In an…

  • Hedgehog and ruby.
    Hedgehog and ruby.

    One day a son asked me to make a suitable ring to match the pendant which his mother already commissioned from me.

    Completely matching in style this became a matching ring with a little hedgehog, and a flower with a ruby.

  • Pura vida engagement ring.
    Pura vida engagement ring.

    Pura vida is an expression they use in Costa Rica. It means "enjoy life" and that is exactly what the client did when he proposed to his girlfriend with this ring in Costa Rica! She was so happy with this engagement ring that she…

  • Golden exchange ring.
    Golden exchange ring.

    This was a technically challenging assignment. An exchange ring, but only the stone. Her father used to facet gems. How beautiful would it be if you could have something special made with one of those stones? She also likes…

  • Golden telescope eye goldfish.
    Golden telescope eye goldfish.

    I made this ring with a telescope eye goldfish years ago for a lady who makes beautiful paintings. The fish had a special meaning for her. I first made the fish from a piece of wax after which it was cast in gold. On the side of…

  • Little fish for lovely people.
    Little fish for lovely people.

    This is an old photo of a completely unexpected assignment at the time. Namely the request from a direct colleague of mine to make a ring for his wife. That is precisely why it's such a big compliment! Quite exciting to make a…

  • Pebbles.

    This necklace is one of the first commissions I was allowed to make. It was designed to hold ten pebbles from ten different countries, from ten different moments in time that this lady experienced with her friend. She had it made…

  • Golden bracelet with butterflies.
    Golden bracelet with butterflies.

    How sweet is this?

    Daughters giving their mother a bracelet that completes the set of earrings and pendant. This bracelet also has something very special about it; I was asked to make a very small butterfly and connect this to…

  • Family expansion.
    Family expansion.

    This brooch was made for a second grandchild, born in December. It's made of white and yellow gold with a mother-of-pearl background. A beautiful piece for which I was able to apply many types of structure and detail.

  • How to get an entire kitchen on a ring!
    How to get an entire kitchen on a ring!

    It was a pleasure to make this ring!
    I could use all my skills and go the extra mile with the details and making of the small parts.A lucky lady was allowed to have something made by me as a gift. She had been a professional cook…

  • "Flowertime"


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