The Studio.


I consider myself very lucky to work in a studio located in a lovingly restored farmhouse on the rural “Twekkelo” estate near Hengelo.
One of the first things my visitors say upon arrival is, "What a very nice place you have here!" and they are right, it is!
Cattle roam around the farm, fruit trees abound in the backyard and occasionally, a curious deer peeks around the corner.
Here, under the old roof structure, I have space and rest to design and create..

As a busy mum to a boisterous little boy and a sweet little girl, it is important to ensure I have enough time to care for them, therefore, I receive visitors by appointment only, but the coffee is always ready!
So, with a hot cuppa in hand, there will be ample opportunity for you to peruse my collection and to discuss your wishes.


Own design.


I do all of the design work myself.
Sometimes, an idea begins with a beautiful piece of jewellery, seeing it gives me that sparks of inspiration.
Pieces of jewellery have an infinite number of colours, cuts and prices.
This means that there truly is something for everyone that can make one’s heart beat faster.
The thing is, one may learn to appreciate a stone: at first I did not like opal at all, but now I love it. A wonder of mother nature...
Often, my inspiration comes from plants or animals, which I enjoy tremendously, be that a sparrow in your garden or a lion in Africa, it keeps me wondering.
Among other things, I am very curious about everything that frolics, flies, swims or squeals, it all interests me a great deal.
In a 'make-belief' or parallel life, I would love to travel far away with David Attenborough!




Special collections.

My collection changes from time to time.
It contains unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, large or small. Also, a collection of jewellery made to order is my speciality, any colour of gold or gemstones. You can find them under the heading "Jewellery".
From time to time, there are exclusive masterpieces on offer, these are the result of months or even years of work. I will explain this under the heading " Masterpieces".

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Completely handmade.


As a rule, I make the pieces entirely myself in my own studio.
I start with the melting of the gold and subsequently work it into plate and thread of required size and thickness using machines and tools.
Some tools, such as rollers and thread irons are the same as those which were being used hundreds of years ago.
This shows the ancient handcrafting skills involved.
However, I am glad to use modern equipment to obtain next-level results.
For instance, a hydrogen burner for precise soldering and a spot welder for creating a weld spot without heating the complete object.
A microscope enables finishing touches to be done, even in the smallest detail in the final phase of the manufacture of a piece of jewellery. It even enables me to place diamonds of less than 1 mm with the help of pneumatic gravers.

This satisfies the perfectionist inside of me!


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