• "My Dear." (sold)
    "My Dear." (sold)

    This is one of my masterpieces. The one-of-a-kind piece is made of 18 karat yellow gold, diamond Top Wesselton VSI 0.31 ct., chocolate and champagne colour 0.165 ct., freshwater pearl, welo opal, tanzanite and sapphire.


  • Red gold brooch with snail. (sold)
    Red gold brooch with snail. (sold)

    Made of 18 karat rosé gold with boulder opal from Australia.

    Boulder opal is opal that is still in the parent rock. The parent rock is the rock in which the gemstone is found. The structure is very visible. In this brooch, you…

  • Red gold earrings with opal.
    Red gold earrings with opal.

    Earrings with boulder opal of 14 karat rose gold with small leaves as settings for the stones.

    These beautiful stones come from Australia. Boulder opal is an opal surrounded by the parent rock. This is the rock in which the…

    € 1.395,00
  • Butterfly pond. (sold)
    Butterfly pond. (sold)

    This is still one of my personal favourites!
    I love the composition, the use of white and yellow gold, the different colours and cuts of the gemstones blended with the structures in the finish.
    The pendant "Lily Pad" comes from…

  • Hummingbirds. (sold)
    Hummingbirds. (sold)

    This boulder opal is a work of art by mother nature! A kind of translucent green and blue that changes colour with every movement. Mesmerizing!

    This pendant is made of red gold which beautifully matches the brown colour of the…

  • Tanzanite & tourmaline and diamond.
    Tanzanite & tourmaline and diamond.

    A ring with faceted Tanzanite, green tourmaline and a flower with a diamond.
    The ring is finished with a matte texture.
    It is made of 18 karat yellow gold with a diamond of 0,06 ct. VVSI Top Wesselton.The size is the Dutch size 17…

    € 1.395,00
  • Yellow gold ring called "Fall". (verkocht)
    Yellow gold ring called "Fall". (verkocht)

    Truly an "Eva ring" said Adrie Hemmink, a jewellery appraiser friend, to me. This was one of the first rings I ever made. I still like this manner of working; making small parts that together form a complete composition. Also…

  • Golden ring "pond, lotus flower & koi." (sold)
    Golden ring "pond, lotus flower & koi." (sold)

    This is one of the first large pieces I made.
    It was on display at a art fair in Limburg and it sold to a lady from my own neighborhood. Coincidence does not exist they say!The beauty of this ring is the 3D effect of the different…

  • Orchid.

    Made a long time ago but decided not to sell. Well, sometimes you make something out of a feeling but afterwards it doesn't turn out to be so practical. This was such a ring. I still like the design but I have the feeling that no…

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