• Day dream big.
    Day dream big.

    Ring with Apatite and Tanzanite made of 18 karat yellow gold.

    The ring in stock is size 17 1/4.

    This ring has a matte base. On the ring, you see two flowers, one with a light blue/green Apatite, and one with a purple…

    € 2.965,00
  • Day dream ear studs.
    Day dream ear studs.

    These studs form a part of the daydream series.
    They are made of 18 karat yellow gold.You can choose between light blue Topaz, and brown Zircon.
    The studs can also be ordered with diamonds, or other gemstones of your…

    € 1.095,00
  • Day dream flower pendant.
    Day dream flower pendant.

    This is the pendant from the Daydream series.
    The pendant forms a beautiful set with the other items from the series Daydream.
    It is made of 18 karat yellow gold.
    I have this one in stock with light blue Topaz and the gemstone…

    € 759,00
  • Day dream diamond. (Price on request.)
    Day dream diamond. (Price on request.)

    This ring from the Daydream series is made of 18 karat yellow gold with red gold butterflies and spheres. The large flower contains a Diamond and the small flower contains a pink Sapphire. It is amazing to see how the Diamond…

  • Twig ring with flowers. (sold)
    Twig ring with flowers. (sold)

    This is a twig ring of made of 18 karat yellow gold.
    It has small leaves and flowers sprinkled all over it. The hearts of the flowers are set with small diamonds, pink sapphires and, light green peridot. The twig is finished with…

  • Day dream solitaire ring
    Day dream solitaire ring

    This is the solitaire ring with a diamond from the Daydream series. This ring has a matte finish, and the edges of the petals and spheres are beautifully polished.
    Diamond: 0,06ct. Top Wesselton VVSI 18 karat yellow gold. Flower…

    € 1.195,00
  • Wire ring Day dream.
    Wire ring Day dream.

    The base of this ring is a silver wire ring with a hammered texture.
    On top of this, just slightly asymmetrically, you will find a yellow gold flower with a light blue Topaz.
    The flower is made of 18 karat yellow gold. The ring in…

    € 569,00
  • Gift voucher
    Gift voucher

    Jewellery is very personal. Therefore, I completely understand that you would love to give a special gift, but that it can be quite difficult to choose the perfect piece!
    A gift voucher is the solution! You can order a voucher at…

    € 100,00

Product photos Erwin Maes.


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